Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello All!
     It has been a crazy past couple of days!  My family threw a Bon Voyage Party for me, I packed up all my things, turned 21, and am officially on my way to Wales!  I am actually writing this from our firs plane ride OKC to Charlotte, after this, we hope on a plane to JFK, and from there we head to London.  We have hit a few bumps in the road, but are going to make it!
     As I actually fly away from Oklahoma, the reality that I am going to be gone for almost 4 months is sinking in.  I am of course excited for this fantastic opportunity, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  I have traveled before, but always with family.  This will be a learning experience in so many ways.  I know it will be challenging, but I think I am ready.
     I am more than nervous however, I am also thankful.  I am thankful for my family who threw a beautiful going away/birthday party for me.  I am thankful I had the chance to say goodbye to all my friends and professors.  I am thankful that when the American Airlines employee called at 3:30 this morning to tell us our flight had been canceled, he very cheerfully worked with two frantic/panicking women to not only get us to our final destination but also (hopefully) get us there a little earlier.  But more than anything, I am thankful for this opportunity.
     As many of you know, I am going to Study Abroad because I was blessed to receive a Brad Henry Scholarship.  If you have lived in Oklahoma for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard the name Brad Henry.  Governor and Senator are just two of the many titles and honored positions that Brad Henry has held.  In addition to caring about the state of the government, he has also gone out of his way to very generously bless students (like me) with this Study Abroad Program.  I am so incredibly thankful for the generosity of Governor Henry.  I know this will be one of the best experiences of my life! 
      Well, that is all for now, I am going to sit back, stretch my legs (perks of being in the exit row) and rest for a bit.  I don’t know why, but sitting all day in airplanes and airports wears me out.  I will keep you all posted as to the goings on!  God willing, my next post will be from the UK!

     Note, as per the request of many, I have (within the last day) signed up for an Instagram account, so if you would like to see various pictures and posts in addition to what will appear on the blog, you can search social media for the #adventuresofchandlerandbill tag, follow me on Twitter, @FeministAce, or follow me on Instagram, feminist_ace.  Have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

              Welcome to my blog!  This online forum will serve as a travel journal of sorts for my upcoming adventures.  This past spring, I was chosen as the Brad Henry Scholar from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  This means that I have the privilege to study abroad at Swansea University in Wales for the Fall Term.  I am so excited for this amazing opportunity, and am happy to be able to share my experiences with you, through this blog.
            As you may have guessed, if you weren’t sure to begin with, I am the “Chandler” from the Adventures of Chandler and Bill title.  As I have already briefly introduced myself, please allow me to introduce Bill(s). 
These are the Bills

            I will be taking a LOT of pictures of my travels, and quite a few of these will feature one or both of the Bills.  There is no secret meaning behind my taking of the Shakespeare dolls, bringing them simply adds an element of continuity (and fun!) to all the pictures.  If you happen to be wondering, I am using two dolls because there may be some instances in which a grown woman carrying a Shakespeare doll looks a bit odd.  In those situations, Little Bill (the finger puppet) will be pictured.
            I am so excited to be going on this adventure.  I fly out from OKC in 6 days, so over the next few days, I will be posting more information, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.
As a note, I will of course be posting the pictures I take from my trip here on the blog, but I will also be posting them to my Facebook Wall and my Twitter Account.  If you are a Twitter or Facebook User, all my pictures will be tagged with #AdventuresofChandlerandBill, if you would rather look at pictures that way.  I would love to have you follow this blog or any of the other social media sights.  On Facebook, my name is Chandler Steckbeck and my Twitter handle is @FeministAce.
                                       I can't wait to share this adventure with all of you!